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Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger seeks to hire seasoned paralegal with significant general litigation and commercial bankruptcy experience

Paralegal Needed!  Due to its exploding growth, Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger has a pressing need to hire a seasoned paralegal with significant general litigation and commercial bankruptcy experience. Competitive salary and benefits. For more information contact Please, no phone calls. The ideal candidate will be able to do most of the following:

General Litigation Practice Support Skills

  1. Manage case development throughout all phases of litigation, pre-trial investigation and discovery
    1. Manage dockets and attorney calendaring regarding same
    2. Coordinate document and evidence collection
    3. Manage document production
    4. Review documents and creating chronologies of facts
    5. Prepare basic discovery responses
    6. Review discovery responses and documents for responsiveness and privilege
    7. Prepare privilege logs
  2. Draft and issue process and coordination of service of process pursuant to the Uniform Deposition and Discovery Act and other relevant statutes
  3. E-file and hand-file (if necessary) documents in state and federal courts
  4. Draft basic litigation documents (routine motions and orders, notices)
  5. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  6. Prepare witness notebooks and expert reliance files
  7. Prepare transcript designations to be used at trial
  8. Coordinate trial and hearing logistics
  9. Provide real-time trial assistance
  10. Cite-check and shepardize case law and statutes to finalize legal documents for different state and federal jurisdictions;
  11. Manage and use litigation support software programs (e.g., Relativity and/or Concordance)

Bankruptcy Practice Support Skills

  1. Draft debtor preparation documents (petitions, schedules, etc)
  2. Draft basic bankruptcy documents (routine motions, fee applications, and more depending on skill set and knowledge)
  3. All General Litigation Support Skills noted above