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SFGH partner Vanessa Schoenthaler to speak on a West LegalEdcenter webinar series titled "Securities Law Made Simple (Not Really) 2019 - Public Company Reporting"

Once public, a company is subject to a continuously evolving landscape of disclosure and reporting requirements. Recent disclosure developments have addressed everything from executive compensation to cybersecurity. In addition, the prevalence of social media has made it such that a company must now consider not only the nuances of what to disclose but also how to deliver that disclosure. Is your company tweeting its earnings reports? Are you using your corporate Facebook page to make Regulation FD disclosures?

In this webinar, our expert panel provides you with a high-level overview of key public company reporting and disclosure requirements, including the latest developments brought about by the Dodd-Frank Act, JOBS Act, FAST Act and, most recently, the SEC’s Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative, as well as provide you with tangible examples and practical advice on how to comply with the ever-changing means of delivering that disclosure. Please click here to sign up or learn more.

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