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Richard Sugar publishes latest article as monthly columnist with Pioneer Press, entitled "What's the right verdict for Beanie Babies billionaire?"

Richard Sugar currently serves as a regular columnist with the Pioneer Press, authoring a monthly column on issues involving money, taxes and the law, entitled "Spoonful of Sugar - Tastings of Money, Taxes and the Law."  Richard's most recent article, published on August 13, 2015, is entitled "What's the right verdict for Beanie Babies billionaire?", discusses the government's handling of Chicago businessman H. Ty Warner's legal sentence of "no jail time," which stems from his earnings of more than $24 million in undeclared income which was hidden in a Swiss bank account, thereby avoiding paying more than $5 million in taxes to the IRS.  The Pioneer Press is a weekly newspaper published by the Tribune which customizes editions particular to several Chicago suburban markets. Richard's column previously addressed numerous topics such as: the tax trap using Bitcoins, branding your personal name as a luxury brand, the failure of the criminal justice system, the Illinois Supreme Court case that blamed the Illinois legislature for the state's fiscal crisis, comparison of sales tax rates of various municipalities in the Chicagoland area, appreciation of the Rule of Law, common estate planning pitfalls encountered by celebrities, avoiding Ponzi schemes, protecting assets against cyberattacks, watching the law try to catch up with evolving reproductive technologies, and examining why tax laws are so complicated.