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Richard Sugar publishes latest article as monthly columnist with Pioneer Press, entitled “One last time Ernie Banks swung and missed”

Richard Sugar currently serves as a regular columnist with the Pioneer Press, authoring a monthly column on issues involving money, taxes and the law, entitled, " A Spoonful of Sugar-Tastings of Money, Taxes and the Law."  Richard's most recent article, published on March 5, 2015, is entitled "One last time Ernie Banks swung and missed" and explores the effect that the new Illinois law called "Presumptively Void Transfers" could have had on the Banks' estate, and the litigation among his heirs and caretaker, had his estate planning documents been drafted after the effective date of the new law.  The Pioneer Press is a weekly newspaper published by the Chicago Tribune which customizes editions particular to several Chicago suburban markets. Richard's column has previously addressed numerous additional topics such as, "Avoiding Ponzi Schemes", "Protecting Against Cyberattacks", "Learning Why Tax Cases Are Not Boring", "Applying the Law to Assisted Reproductive Technologies", "Using Your Name as a Luxury Brand", "Comparing Sales Tax Rates of Various Municipalities in the Chicagoland Area", and "Reviewing Common Estate Planning Pitfalls Encountered by Celebrities."